Reserving & Adopting your puppy

You can begin your adoption process by reading our FAQs and then signing up for The Priority Waitlist. This will automatically send you an Adoption Application and (if approved) get you on the list for one of our puppies. The FAQs contain pricing information as well as puppy selection process and our health guarantee.

train your doodle!

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Training your pup is KEY!! Many people will pay thousands of dollars for a training program outside of their home, or for a personal dog trainer to come to them. The problem with this is, eventually both the owner and the dog forget the training and bad habits come back. We have found Baxter & Bella, an incredible at-home training program with all the resources you need to teach you how to train your own pup! This LIFETIME membership also includes one-on-one live sessions with a coach when you need additional help!

Our Beginning

Small town, family-raised Golden doodles

My name is Kaleigh and I am the breeder of Gilson Doodles!  I live in a small town in the south east corner of Utah with lots of open space and outdoor fun.  We live very close to Moab where you’ll see the iconic and stunning red rock and arches landscapes.  I am a mom of 5 beautiful kids and 3 sweet goldendoodles! 

I have always loved Golden Retreivers. Their beautiful coats, blocky heads & sweet dispositions. As we searched for our first family dog, we found Roxy and learned she had a bit of poodle in her. We were naive, didn’t know anything about coat traits and genetics and expected her to shed less because of it. Well, we were wrong.  She has the coat of a Golden, therefore she will shed like a Golden! I fell in love with her sweet, loving personality, but I didn’t realize how difficult it is to have dog hair all over the house! I have always wanted to breed and raise puppies, but I really wanted to dial in on the attributes I’d want in a family dog…

  • low to non-shedding
  • hypoallergenic
  • affectionate
  • good with kids
  • active but can also chill
  • friendly
  • smart & easy to train

Thus, creating the perfect family dog…the DOODLE.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time learning and researching dog genetics including coat traits/colors, health, temperaments and how to properly socialize puppies to start them off strong. Raising well-mannered, affectionate & beautiful pups is my passion and joy! My goal is to provide families with the BEST companion that brings true JOY into the home!

What Our Clients Say

Our mission is to provide families with beautiful, quality, family-friendly pets! Here's what some of our satisified doodle familes say!

caring for your doodle

We love our doodles and we give them the very best from the beginning.  Read below to find out more!