adoption process & waitlist

Below is a simplified breakdown of our adoption process.  Please read our FAQ’s to help with any questions you may have.  Details of our process are also listed below.



Once approved, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot on our waitlist.


Once a spot is available in a litter, you will be contacted, an additional $500 litter deposit is required.


At 5-6 weeks of age you choose your puppy! Based on your selection order in the litter!


Once you've chosen your puppy, final payment is due. All previous deposits are applied to your final payment.


At 8 weeks it's time to bring your puppy home! Options are available for pickup or flight nanny services can be purchased.

the details

adoption process

How the Waitlist Works

My waitlist is based on SIZE of puppies and NOT by specific litters.  All of our goldendoodles are bred to achieve very similar looks with the red, apricot, or cream coat colors with possible white markings.  More importantly, they are bred to be healthy, socialized, well-rounded, and loving family pets.  Once you place your initial $500 non-refundable deposit, you’ll be placed on the main waitlist.  Once a litter/puppy is available in your preferred size, I will contact you in order of deposit.  At this point you’ll have the option to commit or pass.  If you commit, I’ll require a second $500 deposit to secure your pick of the litter. Both payments go toward the final purchase price.  If you choose to pass, I will contact you the next time a puppy/litter is available.  You may choose to pass as many times as you’d like until you find your perfect pup!


$4000-5000 based on size.

Joining the Waitlist

Please read our FAQ’S page!  This will answer many of the questions you might already have. You  can also view our current and upcoming litters  under “Available pups and upcoming litters” page.  After reviewing these pages, if you would like to join our waitlist, please fill out our puppy ownership application (if you haven’t already). I will contact you within 24-48 hours to let you know if we are a good fit for providing your perfect puppy.  Please ask questions if you have any in the application.

Initial Deposit

Once approved, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot on our waitlist.

Payment options:



Includes options such as PayPal Credit, Credit or Debit card. 3.49% fee will be added to each transaction.



Wait Times

I will have several litters a year. Litter size and genders are not a guarantee. Depending on how specific you are regarding size, gender, color, etc. and when you put your deposit down, your wait could be anywhere from a couple of months up to 12 months.

Commit to a Litter

Once a puppy/litter becomes available, either a new litter is born, someone on the waitlist ahead of you passes, or we have more pups than expected, we will contact you in order of deposits received. At that time, you can either choose to pass or place another $500 deposit to commit to that specific puppy/litter.  At this time I will give you specific dates on when your puppy will come home (at 8 weeks of age).  If you choose to move forward, you are also committing to the specific timeframe of picking up your puppy.  If the timing doesn’t work for you, or you pass for any other reason, you will retain your spot at the top of the waitlist.  Both of the $500 deposits will go towards your final cost of your puppy.

Puppy Selection

You will choose your puppy at 5-6 weeks of age.  At this age, you are better able to see their cute personalities emerging as well as coats and colors. Before picking day, we will post lots of pictures and videos on Instagram so you can see the puppies frequently!!  I will let you know the specific selection date. Puppies are picked in the order of deposits. We can facetime with you and discuss their personalities and specific traits if you’d like. Once you have chosen your puppy during selection week, the remaining balance is due and the health guarantee and sales contract will be sent to you to be signed. 

Puppy Pickup

Once you pick your puppy we can discuss pick up options.  I can recommend a flight nanny who can fly in cabin with your puppy (usually a fixed fee of $600-900 via flight nanny), or you can pick up your puppy in SLC.  If you choose to fly into SLC, Utah, I  can meet you at the airport on the dates specified by me.  Any flights will have to be scheduled within a 2 day period that I approve. You may also choose to drive to our hometown Blanding, UT to pick up your puppy.