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Gilson Goldendoodles wants the BEST life for all of our female dogs!! The BEST to us means to have individual love and attention from a caring and loving family of their own. To ensure this, we are now offering a Guardian/co-ownership program where qualified families can raise our goldendoodles as their own, while we maintain breeding rights for the first 4 litters. After we retire mama from breeding, full ownership is signed over, and the mama will need to be spayed. The puppy is the guardian family’s forever pet!

Guardian families are expected to care for their new puppy as their own-including financial responsibility. We will cover all costs associated with the breeding and whelping process. Our Guardian Families are also our partners and will be compensated for whelping and raising the pups at their own homes, with our guidance and training. Guardian dogs are your forever family pet and we feel it’s best to keep them in their own comfortable environment during the whelping process.


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Guardian families must meet the following qualifications:
  • Have a fenced yard, own a car, and own a home
  • Have previous experience with owning a dog or have adequate knowledge of caring for a dog
  • Not have any other intact male dogs in the home
  • Be able to provide a puppy or dog with proper health care, nutrition, and exercise
  • Be able to properly train and socialize a puppy or dog
  • Be able to drive the dog to and from the reproductive Veterinarian for tests and breeding
  • Live in Utah County/SLC County area where we have a reproductive Vet
  • Take pup to the vet for its annual vaccines and whenever else needed (aside from breeding related visits).
In addition to these requirements, the guardian home will have other responsibilities and expectations. Please contact us for more info and to apply.