Destination Doodles' Diego

Diego is AKC & CKC Red Abstract Toy Poodle and weighs 10 lbs. He has been genetically tested via Embark and is neither at risk nor a carrier for any of the 173 genetic conditions they test for. He is fully furnished (F/F) and has both curling genes (C/C) and (T/T) non-shedding genes meaning all his puppies will have beautiful proper coats and the non-shedding gene. This also gives all his puppies the furry faced teddy bear look so desired in doodles. 


Diego has also passed OFA testing, he has a perfect bite and body structure. He has long floppy ears and a beautiful coat. His dad is a full parti and Diego carries the S Locus gene which gives Diego a higher chance for throwing lots of white markings.


His temperament is off the charts amazing. We have never met a toy poodle this calm! He is very intelligent and was very easy to train. He is a TOTAL lap dog, but also confident & playful. He LOVES fetch, but when the game ends he calms right down. Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him and his demeanor as well as looks.