Our Dog Dewey

Dewey as a puppy, laying on the floor with a bow around his neck

Dewey as an adult, standing tall at 80 lbs

Little boy hugging Goldendoodle, Dewey.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a variety of house dogs, many different breeds. Our dogs are part of our family. They are never chained, caged, or crated. We’ve had some great dogs, and the most important aspect of choosing a fur buddy is the breed.

This is our first Goldendoodle, and the best dog ever. Dewey is extremely smart and obedient. He was trained in two weeks, and has not had an accident in over a year. He’s gentle with children and small pets, never gets moody, is calm, loves to play soccer, does not shed, and doesn’t jump on the furniture.
He loves going anywhere we go. He’s very sensitive. He loves to please and never needs to be disciplined. He listens well, knows our routine and anticipates our next move. He’s not a barker, doesn’t jump on people, loves to hug,and shows his affection by putting his head in our lap. We seriously could not ask for a better pet. He’s large enough to be intimidating to strangers, but is really the most gentle dog I’ve ever owned. I would 100 percent recommend this breed of dog to a family, older person, a person with disabilities, anxiety, depression, or someone who needs a companion. He’s not a hunting, or work dog.
He’s a family dog who will enrich your life by loving you completely. Gilson Goldendoodles are well taken care of, and an excellent place to invest in one of these beauties.