My wife and I sat down back in October and talked about whether it was the time to add a puppy to our family. We have two children, a son that is 7, and daughter that is 4. My daughter has been asking me for a puppy since she was 2 and adores all the dogs in our neighborhood.
After doing some research, I came across Gilson Doodles in December and reached out. Communication was amazing, and we set up a zoom call with them since they’re in Utah, and we’re in South Florida. We fell in love with “Grandad”, who is now Smokey🐻. Kaleigh is awesome and answered our 10,000 questions with patience and overall we felt super comfortable moving forward with one of her pups.
Kaleigh arranged transportation to South Florida for Smokey and we fell in love the moment we first held him! I can’t stress enough how great this process has been, and Smokey’s temperament is incredible. He is loving and shows so much affection to our family. We are so happy to have found GilsonDoodles, Kaleigh, and most importantly, Smokey❤️