Upcoming & Current Litters – Goldendoodle Puppies

Mama Mia
Stud Waldo
Meechee is a Gilson Doodles mama and is 17 lb full grown. She has a red wavy coat with abstract markings. She has the sweetest personality.
Mini Utah Goldendoodles' Lambo is an outside stud and is just under 5 lb full grown. He has a beautiful wavy red coat with white abstract markings and the cutest teddy bear face.
Gilson Doodles mama Stella is a mini goldendoodle and weighs 20 lbs full grown. She has a straight apricot/red coat with some white markings.
Gilson Doodles stud, Gizmo is a teacup multigen goldendoodle and weighs around 8 lb full grown. He has a gorgeous deep red coat and tuxedo markings.
Cookie, micro mini goldendoodle mama
Snowfire's Echo, teacup goldendoodle stud

Approx. 10-15 LB Cost: $4000
DUE 7/11/2024 Confirming Pregnancy around June 9th

Ella is an F1 Goldendoodle
Artisan Doodle's Knox, mini goldendoodle stud