I’m Kaleigh Gilson

I am the breeder of Gilson Doodles and this is my family. I have 4 biological children and 1 bonus son. My husband is the best and very supportive of what I do.

Welcome to the Gilson Doodles family! I’d love to help you find your furever goldendoodle puppy!


From genetic health testing, early neurological stimulation, and a structured puppy curriculum, I ensure that every puppy has the best start in life, setting them up for a future of happiness and health with their forever families.

  • 5-Year Health Guarantee: We promise peace of mind and stand behind the health of our dogs.
  • Life-Long Breeder Support: I’m here for you and your pup for the long haul, for any advice or support you need.
  • Trusted Breeder: People trust us, and you can too. Just ask for referrals – we’re all about happy pups and happy families.
  • Savvy on Health & Genetics: We know our stuff when it comes to the health and genetics of your goldendoodle.
  • 8-week Puppy Curriculum: Our pups grow up smart with an extensive socialization progam that sets them up for success.
  • Top-Notch Nutrition: We ensure the best for your pup from the get-go with premium nutrition.
  • Training & Grooming Guidance: You’ll receive the best resources for training and grooming, so you’ll be set from day one.
  • Jumpstart on Potty & Crate Training: We give our pups a headstart on the essentials, making it easier for you when your pup comes home.
  • The Ultimate Go-Home Package: Our custom Gilson Doodles Tote is packed with a scented blanket, top-notch puppy food, treats and supplements, a snuggle puppy, and more!
  • A Forever Home Promise: I’m 100% committed to every one of my dogs’ lifelong happiness. They’ll only ever be in the most loving of homes, and never placed in a shelter or pet store.